Frequently Asked Questions

Do you haul the mowers or do I need to drop them off?

I have equipment to load and haul the tractors whether they run or not.

Do you sell tractors?

I do not sell tractors. I purchase tractors that do not run, are broken or worn out and salvage all the good usable parts off of them before recycling what is left.

Do you buy push mowers?

I do not currently buy push mowers as I do not have the demand for parts off of them. If I am picking up a lawn tractor I can gladly get rid of other small equipment but as for purchasing them I do not.

How far do you travel to pick up mowers?

I usually travel approximately a 40 mile radius from south central York County PA. In some cases I do travel further depending on what it is I am picking up or if I am picking up multiple items in one trip.

How much do you pay for lawn tractors?

In most cases I pay $25-$150+ for tractors. It all depends on the model, condition of the mower deck and tires as well as the general location/distance away. This price is for most lawn tractors. Of course if it is a larger more valuable tractor the price that I can pay will go up as well.

Do I have to be home when you pick up the tractor?

No, you do not need to be home as long as we agree on how you will be paid and if the equipment can be left out where I can get to it.

Do you buy other equipment other than lawn tractors?

Yes, I do purchase other equipment as well. I also purchase compact and utility tractors and attachments, farm tractors and implements, skid steer loaders and much more.

The tires are flat. Can you still load the tractor?

Yes, that is no problem. I have equipment to winch the tractor on my trailer with flat tires.

The tractor is located behind my house. Can you get to it without damaging my lawn?

Yes. In some cases where the tractor is in accessible by vehicle and unable to be pushed to a driveway I can bring a small garden tractor along to pull it to where it can be loaded without having to drive a vehicle in the lawn.